Engadine Gymnastics Club Inc

Established in 1962 – 59 Years of training to the youth of Engadine, Heathcote & Surrounding Areas

Engadine is a fun, friendly gymnastics club with classes and coaching for kindy and school age children for both recreational and competitive levels. We also have classes for adults – both young and mature aged.

Open to new members, Engadine Gymnastics is fully accredited, offering a wide range of gymnastics classes by qualified coaches and instructors.

Engadine Gymnastics is located at Anzac Oval Youth & Recreation Centre, Anzac Avenue, Engadine NSW 2233. The facility has been home to the Club since 1990.

We invite you to visit a class to see and discuss how gymnastics can boost your child’s fitness levels, co-ordination, confidence, and fun!

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 President: Graham Spooner
 Joanne Milgram

Coach Contact Numbers :
Graham Spooner | P: 0402 204 361 | Email Newspoon1@bigpond.com

Joanna Milgram   | P: 0433 705 229                                                           

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