2021 Registration

Welcome to Engadine Gymnastics Club, we look forward to an exciting year of Gymnastics.  

We value fun, fitness and friendship, safety and skills.

2021 Registration 

Our new Online Registrations platform is now open.

To view all our class options please go to the website below and then go to the Classes tab.

To get further information please go to the website below and then go to the Help tab.                                                                             

To register, please go to the website below and then go to the Registrations tab.                                                                                       

If you require further information please go to the website below and then go to the Contact tab.


Attached  are the:

  1. 2020 – EGC – Online Registration and Class Enrolment Guide    
  2. 2020 – EGC – Members Handbook – Rules & Regulations

which are also available on the ‘Help’ page on the ‘new registration’ website.

Our Registration/Insurance Fees are as follows;

Recreational Gymnastics – $65.00        

Classes included in this Registration Fee are all recreational classes:

GymFun, GymSkill, FreeG – Ninja Kids, KinderGym and TeamGym

Competition Gymnastics – $100.00       

Classes included are competitive (levels) Women’s and Men’s Gymnastics

Fitter 4 Life (Gentle Gym) – $33.00       

This is for our mature aged athletes participating in the Fitter 4 Life program.

Our Class Fees are as follows;

Gymnast training 1 hr per week (1 hr Class) – $12.50 per week           
   (Except our Fitter4Life/GentleGym classes are $5 per week)
Gymnast training 1.5 hrs per week (1.5 hr Classes) – $18.50 per week
Gymnast training 2 hrs per week (2 hr Class or 2x 1hr class) – $20.50  per week
Gymnast training 2.5 hrs per week – $22.50 per week   
Gymnast training 3 hrs per week – $25.50  per week
Gymnast training 3.5 hrs or more per week – $30.50 per week 

Active kids vouchers can be used for class fees.

  • Please read the Terms & Conditions which are included in the Members Handbook.
  • Registering all students at the start of the year, enables us to take the students for an entire calendar year, through a range of classes and exercises, in a structured program of learning. It also enables the students to make the most of their Gymnastics Australia registration.
  • If you happen to miss this years registration date, its not too late! Come on down to a training session and speak to an official, we will do our best to help. We always welcome new students, no matter what time they wish to start, and naturally adjust our fees accordingly. Unfortunately if student numbers are high, then not all session times may be available due to late registrations.