Setup Roster

Engadine Gymnastics Club Inc. is run by our members, for our members and there are times we need help for the smooth operation of the club.

Engadine Gymnastics Club Inc. is currently required to set-up and pack-away its gymnastic equipment on a weekly basis during its operation. (i.e. School Terms)

Volunteering for the setup and pack-up roster is mandatory. You will be rostered to assist with either Setup or Pack-up of gym equipment. No skill or former knowledge is necessary, however it should be noted that some of the gym equipment is bulky and heavy, and so we suggest whenever possible, the male family member be slated with this task.

Our #1 priority is SAFETY – Please wear closed in shoes.

Your help is necessary because without it we can not function as a club. If you cannot turn up on a scheduled setup/pack-up day, please make arrangements with another parent to swap days (email addresses are included on the roster to help facilitate this) or choose an alternate day and advise Graham. This is your responsibility as a club member.

ROSTER 2021  – TERM 1 Roster 2021 Term 1  C:\Users\newsp\Documents\Gymnastics\Copy Setup Packup ROSTER 2021 TERm 1.xlsx              

ROSTER 2021 TERM 2   


ROSTER 2021 – TERM 4 

  • Set-up occurs on Tuesday nights commencing 7.00p.m. & concludes approx 8.00 p.m.
  • Pack-up occurs on Thursday nights commencing 8.00p.m. & concludes approx 9.00 p.m.
  • At registration, parents are given a ‘Duty Roster Agreement’ form upon which they can indicate a preferred night to attend. Every effort will be made to give the preferred night where one has been indicated.
  • The average number of times a family is rostered on is 6-8. (for the whole year )
  • A roster attendance sheet will be available at each session for parents to ‘sign-off’ their attendance.
  • An ‘Equipment Levy’ of $100.00 is payable to the club upon registration.
  • The FULL ‘Equipment Levy’ is refunded at the end of the year, (or upon leaving the club) – if you have attended set-up / pack-up the same number of times that you are rostered on to attend.
  • You will forfeit a proportion of your ‘Equipment Levy’ each time you do not fulfill your roster turn.
  • e.g. Jones Family – rostered on 6 times / attended 6 times = Full Refund $100.00
  • Smith Family – rostered on 5 times / attended 4 times = Refund $80.00 etc.
  • If you cannot attend on your rostered night you are encouraged to swap with another family.
  • If you cannot attend and cannot arrange a swap with another family – tell Bernie and we can put you on the roster for a different night.
  • If unforeseen circumstances occur (at short notice) and you cannot attend – please notify Graham a.s.a.p. on 0402 204 361. and also arrange another night in lieu.
  • All changes to the roster will and must be recorded on the ‘Master Roster’.
  • Graham’s contact number will be on the roster.


Equipment Duty Roster & Photo Permission Form
Equipment Fee Levy Terms & Conditions